Nu Nomen 2016

For the Nu Nomen rebranding project of 2016, we decided to clean up the old logo and kept the pallete of colours minimal.

As part of this years new direction, we decide to expand our service and redesign our website. Our previous focus was in designing handcrafted brands and identity however we have since evolved to provide a wider array of design services. We shifted our focus to provide a richer more tailored service for our customers and offer a streamlined design process that is cohesive and transparent from start to finish.


As part of the website and service rebrand, we decided to clean up and enhance the old Nu Nomen logo. To do so, we redrew the logo to adopt a more consistent set of rules. The diagonal arrangement of the N is now a perfect 45 degrees angle with each concaving curves to be identical. Each vertex are also identically rounded.


Originally the Nu Nomen identity was designed using the Founders Grotesk typeset designed by Klim Foundry, however this year we have chosen to use Freight Sans instead.

We also removed the use of bright purple accent and kept the pallete of colors minimal.


In order to create three-dimensional depth, certain images overlap and expand past their boundary giving the illusion of the image spilling out.


Each project features a cover image that spans the entire height of the browser's viewport in order to create an eye-catching introduction relevant to its context.