Raven is an experimental set of artworks with the theme of sound, form and color.

Raven is an experimental set of artworks with the theme of sound, form and color. It is a promotional set for Nu Nomen’s sister site Made by NN where most of our artworks and poster designs can be purchased as 18” x 24” art prints. These are printed on a Epson Enhanced Matte Paper and feature museum-quality posters made on thick, durable, matte paper. Most of the posters are designed to be wall presented and therefore bold, abstract and unconventional color combinations were chosen to draw attention.


The idea behind these was to experiment with manipulating form and repetition. These were both created from a single ellipse with a radial fill. The gradient was a combination of deep and highlight colors, this allows the object to have three dimensional depth and possess a unique translucent color effect. The liquify tool was then used to stretch and bend to create the overall shape (left). To create the illusion of balls stacking in a wavelike cone structure the balls were repeatedly scaled from various vertical anchor points (right).


Sound is not static, it is constantly moving and it surrounds us. The effect of noise travelling through space was the key idea in this set.


Set three experiments with how form, sound and color can be combined to tingle the sense of taste and express excitement.


Set four expresses form and colors from a emotional perspective. The idea behind these is that emotion can be scattered, hazy and complicated.


The posters featured above are large and eye-catching. It was a great way to practice expressing a particular concept in various ways. It was particularly interesting to see how visually different each can be by altering the perception of the overall concept. Visit Made by NN to purchase the art prints.