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How To Find Out Roblox Total Amount Of Place Views

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It’s clear Baszucki sees Roblox as the stepping stone to this new virtual experience We have collected data and statistics on Roblox Read on below to find out more Roblox key statistics Roblox generated $920 million revenue in 2020 a 111 percent increase yearonyear Over 150 million people play Roblox once a month and 334 million use.

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It also shows the total (estimated) amount of ROBUX earnt from a game which sadly ROBLOX+ and BTR don’t do This is why I’m already loving this extension and I personally think it deserves more users I’m going to go find other extensions now and I might actually feature this extension in a video if I really feel up to it ).

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Well tbh there were a lot more hardcore roblox hamers back in 20082011 but I’ve noticed over time the player base has become more and more casual Nobody seems to be willing to spend the time on clans or community organized events anymore 99% of the players today just go game to game and play rather than learn skills become active in groups etc.

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Developer Statistics While Roblox makes it easy to develop your own place upload it and start playing some developers may want to monitor how their experiences are doing For information related to viewing/analyzing your experience’s data please visit Developer Stats.

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