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Roblox Characteradded Wait. CharacterAddedWait() is VERY important actually It basically wait the Player&#39s Character to be loaded You should use this everytime you&#39re .

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WaitForChild() waits for a child and Character is not a child it&#39s a reference If you want to reference the character you should add a CharacterAdded .

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Exactly Roblox thinks it&#39s a function O_Ogosh1 (Xervquis) January 16 2021 8 .

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I&#39m attempting to have this script set the players clothing after they died so I&#39m trying to wait for their character to load first then set .

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The CharacterAdded event fires when a player&#39s character spawns (or respawns) ChildAdded on the added character to detect these or wait for the Player .

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Quite simply I just have a plain PlayerCharacterAddedWait() in a script This is what it yields in the output.