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skeletonslasher3 (better known as Skeleton Slasher) is a Roblox YouTuber with over 320K subscribers and he is most notably known for his “Roblox In Real Life” videos along with other series’ relating to Roblox toysHe is also coowner of a group named “skeletonslasher games” Skeleton has made a Roblox spinoff of the TV franchise “Total Drama Island” and YouTube.

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Skeleton once had a robot arm from Circuit Breaker but it was later changed sometime during Bloxy Talk due to the actual skeletonslasher3 avatar removing it as well Skeleton Slasher is aware that Total Drama Island exists Skeleton Slasher somehow knows how to fly along with Stripes In the 3rd Episode of Bloxy Talk Skeleton Slasher said “I rolled up my sleve” but.