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Roblox Robot 64 Mirror Room. The Mirror Room is a room in the Second Floor of Princess Peach’s Castle with a mirror in the middle of the room It is unclear if the room was reconstructed on the other side or is simply being reflected In the mirrored version of the Mirror Room is the Snowman’s Land painting where a regular wall is on the nonmirrored room Jumping into where the painting is will take the playerMissing robloxMust include.

Roblox With Transparent Framed Print By Matifreitas123 roblox robot 64 mirror room
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Robot 64 is a 3D platforming game created by zKevinIt is heavily inspired from Super Mario 64 and involves the player controlling the main character ‘Beebo’ through different worlds to solve various puzzles and fight enemies in order to obtain ‘Ice Creams’ the game’s equivalent of Super Mario 64‘s stars Robot 64 also has a level editor that players can use to create their ownMissing mirror roomMust include.

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Mobile Xbox One Created 10/16/2017 Creator zKevin Robot 64 is a Roblox adventure game owned by zKevin which is inspired by Super Mario 64 Players controls the protagonist Beebo a robot to collect all 64 Ice Creams to defeat the Sun who Dr SmarChibliss Beebo’s creator considers it to be a giant fireball that will demolish anything.

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In this video I get the Secret of the Mirror Ice Cream in Robot 64.

Roblox With Transparent Framed Print By Matifreitas123

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Mirrorrorra is a light grey metallic creature with a single purple eye It is made of a metallic rectangle with a stand below it Its left arm is pointed upward while its right arm is pointed downward Its arms and the triangle on its head change color depending on the color of the sky In the first upgrade its color becomes grey and it grows Missing mirror roomMust include.