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The Moderator Roblox Mobile Bloxxers Wiki Fandom Powered. The Capital City V2 is the current version of the MB Capital City It consists of a large ocean a region of mountains a Raider’s Base a port where the ‘Big Boat’ is availible for purchase the MB DistrictManufacturing District Residential District the Hospital the North District a jail and the Buisness District The original city was never actually fully completed and plans to.

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The Bloxxers Club January 8 2007 by John Shedletsky Archive As of this afternoon there are 44 people on Roblox who have earned the prestigious Bloxxer badge We have stats logged in our database for more than 2500 users meaning that only 176% of all players have been able to earn this badge so far Thanks go out to Matt Dusek who helped.

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Bloxxers Who Roxor January 23 2007 by John Shedletsky Archive More interesting factoids mined from the Roblox database I am working on a set of additional badges for a future release New badges fall into one of two categories they are either entirely unlike any existing badge or they are “higher level” versions of existing badges.

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Moderators on BloxRP This includes a list of moderators Trial Moderators BaconHairGFX DevonJ1098 ehj236 LordVarnox NemesisCreates QuinRRP Sirus6149 Vortex_Takedown If you are a trial moderator and not listed please tell me Moderators AmenoKoyane crabbynick3 GerardoGamer22 minecraftrobloxandy SuperSmartyPants600 The_c0rpz TheSovietRat (me).

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Roblox (also known as Dynablox Shitblox Gayblox Gooblox Rococks and a whole plethora of other shit) is a shitty Lego knockoff (which roblox wasn’t intended to be a shitty Lego knockoff) made in 2005 by a few Jews with too much extra time and money Given how autistic the game truly is and its allure to autistic children it should come as no surprise that 99% of the people.

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