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Zombies are a popular type of character/NPC on Roblox Although their appearance may vary from game to game they represent zombies in general Zombies can be a genre of a game in which zombies are the main focus In most zombie games the primary objective of players is to survive hordes of zombies that will try to chase and attack them in proximity Players may not.

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Zombie Blitz Origins is an ongoing 2chapter story featuring 2 Days Later and Underground It follows an alien invasion seen in PANDEMIC’s other game Zombie Blitz as it is seen taking over the world and causing people to be infected by a zombielike virus introduced by the aliens Main Article Zombie Blitz 2 Days Later 2 Days Later is the first chapter of Zombie Blitz Origins A.

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“A near death accident causes the survivors to find another way out of the facility” —Ingame Description Underground is the second Chapter of Zombie Blitz Origins which takes place after the event of chapter 1 The chapter set in the underground facility of Blitz Research Inc The players start out immediately following the last chapter riding up the elevator to get to the roof.

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“A mysterious spacecraft crashes into a forest As the researchers of Blitz Research Inc uncover it’s mysteries they’ll soon realize horrors it entails” —Ingame Description 2 Days Later is the first Chapter of Zombie Blitz Origins It takes place in the Blitz Research Inc facility 2 days after the first discovery of an unknown creature The players wake up in the broken room.

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